Monday, November 26, 2012

Bean eats in Boracay!

Standard Filipino breakfast - eggs, rice and tocino! Love how rice is often fried up with garlic.
Hello Again! 
I fear due to my dissertation hiatus and well, pure laziness to be honest, I have lost the few followers I had gained, but at any rate, I'm BACK! With tasty food inspiration and recipes plus some more thoughts about healthy eating.

For now, here's the newest in my travel food log: Please feast your eyes on some Filipino treats! I was surprised by the food there, as it was a lot of chicken and rice and not as many veggies as I expected. They also tend towards sweet flavors and not spicy, such as their Tocino pork/bacony thing that is part of a classic Filipino breakfast. I partook in the chicken tocino version.  And we cannot forget the incredible Adobo - a Filipino specialty and honestly some of the best chicken I've eaten in my life.