Sunday, April 14, 2013

Maja and James' Banana Bread

This is the most perfect banana bread and that's all I can say. It's the perfect intersection of bread/cake, moist, and the right amount of banana-ness. You'll have to try it yourself to see what I mean. This recipe was given to me from one of my nearest and dearest friends, Maja, which makes it more special. Maja is a great cook and in college we use to stay up studying in her cozy apartment and many times that would include Maja whipping up late night snacks like Thai chicken soup and/or baking something like this bread. OK, I'm talking to her as I write this and she just told me that it is a James Beard recipe...but to me it will always be Maja's banana bread, hence the title I used. The original recipe adds walnuts, but I prefer mine without. Last time I had some almond slices so I decided to sprinkle some on the top and it was lovely. So in my opinion, and in Maja's words, here is the greatest banana bread:

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Coconut Bread

If you love coconut you will love this. People feel very strongly about coconut one way or the other and I happen to be a fanatic. This recipe is so easy there is simply no excuse not to make your own baked goods! It also does not have butter, which just gives me another excuse to eat more of it and feel less guilty. This is great for breakfast and perfect with a cup of coffee.