Wednesday, April 2, 2014

No grain! Cauliflower Crust Pizza

So I just did a 2 week detox! In the winter I fell into a seriously lazy winter cave and pretty much stopped working out, oops. I was still eating healthy but too much wheat and noodles (I could eat my weight in noodles). To me detox is mostly for behavioral change and setting you on a right track – not to starve yourself or just drink juice for 7 days (I need to chew things). I would say the no coffee was hard! In retrospect since I usually just drink one cup a day, you could keep it in.

I’d really recommend it - kick start a healthy lifestyle! Don't wait, just go shopping for tons of vegetables and fruit and do it! You'll feel really good.

I did a standard detox:

No sugar
No caffeine (except green tea)
No refined carbs (only brown rice, quinoa, etc.- whole grains)
No meat (I did a little fish)
No dairy or eggs
No soy (yes no tofu, get into beans for protein)