Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tastes and Sights of Myanmar

Smoothie/shake stand in Yangon
Thought it was about time to post about my amazing trip to Myanmar (Yangon and Bagan) that I took in October. I went with my good friend Saxon, also a food enthusiast and a very chill approach to travel like me! (no rush, explore what you want to explore).  This meant taking in a lot of local food places to enjoy the complex local flavors and avoid most of the high price tourist places. As I've said before, the small, local, non-fussy places have always proved to be the most delicious food. Just follow the local brick road. *guilty all of these photos are from my phone, alas haven't transfered my camera photos onto my comp*

Breakfast: Find yourself some tasty Mohinga (fish soup). Mohinga is like a SE Asian bouillabaisse with rice noodle, a fish Laksa, or basically "throw all your leftover food in here" soup, complete with fried dough pieces on top (what Chinese call youtiao).

Pair your Mohinga or street food with a really sweet coffee, and I mean sweet (coffee = instant coffee with added sweetened condensed milk). If you're early you may also have young monk boys come to you for alms (money in your case, rice in food stall owner's case). If you're a late riser you'll probably be scraping the bottom of the Mohinga pot, or miss it altogether!
Coffeemix - an original, straight-forward name

We noticed there are a lot of Indian elements in Myanmar cuisine  - above some street food resembling Dosa; with hot green chillies inside.

Simply cannot miss out on Burmese tea leaf salad - we probably ordered it almost every meal. This one is separated (and presented in beautiful laquerware) but usually all the ingredients are tossed together. To the left are crispy salted beans (like lentils), peanuts, and fermented tea leaves that have a wonderfully hard to describe flavor. Still need to look up the fermentation process! 

Markets in Yangon were bustling and full of people - almost couldn't walk down the street! 

Loved this lady - so chill with her morning coffee and cigarette - selling bamboo, tofu and bean sprouts
Enjoying local grub including chicken curry and lots of pickled and fragrant vegetables

Obligatory morning noodles (Shan noodles and rice noodles) with pickle and broth.

Keep exploring, 

Sabrina xx


  1. I love this! Just like the way you travel--a delightful chill look at the approach to food in Myanmar. Thanks for the delicious meals!

  2. Hi, Bean. I haven't seen you since you were in a stroller. I love these photos and your writing style. Your very proud Mom told me about this blog. She's encouraging me to do something similar. You are an inspiration!! Tawny